Japanese learning app

How Kanjiway works

All necessary Kanji
We will teach you all elements of the Japanese writing system you may need: 71 hiragana, 71 katakana and 2400+ kanji.
Most important words
Learning with Kanjiway includes 1000 most popular words in Japanese language. After learning them you will understand more than 70% of Japanese texts.
Spaced Repetition System
We calculate your schedule of reviews and keep track of it. You won't have to think when to review new symbol or word. Our algorithms take on this task for you.
Everything a newbie needs
We have free articles which describe how to learn Japanese online without spending money on expensive lessons and courses. One month of Kanjiway costs less than one traditional Japanese lesson.
Study at your own pace
Kanjiway is designed in such way so that you could use it for 10 minutes per day or as a serious tool for language learning with which you can spend multiple hours in a row.
Kanjiway methodologies are based on memorization techniques employed by world memory champions. You're going to invoke your visual memory for remembering new information.

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