Kanjiway is an app for learning Japanese language. Our goal is to give our users most effective tools for learning hiragana, katakana and 2136+ kanji, as well as other elements of Japanese language and culture. Kanjiway is designed in a such way so that you could use it for 10 minutes per day or as a serious tool for language learning with which you can spend multiple hours in a row.

Kanjiway methodologies are based on learning principles of world's most famous polyglots, on the works of a linguist Stephen Krashen, who spent over 50 years studying the problem of second language acquisition and on the works of James Heisig, author of the book series Remembering the Kanji, which were one of the most efficient methods of learning Japanese kanji since 1970s. With all of the above such complicated task as learning 2136 kanji becomes easy and simple process, in which you constantly use your visual memory and imagination for the most rapid remembering of the new information.

For you to understand the effectiveness of Kanjiway methodologies we offer first 100 kanji for free.